DIY Gifts You Can Make Ahead of Time

I don't know about you but I have a love and hate relationship with the holiday season. I love to give gifts; it is what I live for most days but I kind of resent doing it during the holidays. I just don't like how busy this season gets with parties and last days of school and other events that turn into pressure adding deadlines. Last year I got so busy that I wound up buying last minute gifts at the store when I could have made dozens of other more manful gifts by hand. Well not this year! This year I am determined to combat these mixed feeling about gift-giving during the holidays by starting early. Yes, I know it is...

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Chill Pill Product Review

Scripture gifts is the creator of the customized chill pill gifts. In this chill pill product review we feature the various options in our product line. We are excited to offer over 24 themes of the Chill Pill gift item through or Etsy shop. We get a lot of questions from customers about the options we offer with our Chill Pill gift. To make life easier we created the videos below so you can see the variation of this product so you can determine which item will work best for you. Chill Pill Product Review Introduction We have over 24 Chill Pill themes available and ten container and label styles to choose from on Etsy. You can purchase containers or labels depending on your preferences and budget....

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