DIY Gifts You Can Make Ahead of Time

I don't know about you but I have a love and hate relationship with the holiday season. I love to give gifts; it is what I live for most days but I kind of resent doing it during the holidays. I just don't like how busy this season gets with parties and last days of school and other events that turn into pressure adding deadlines. Last year I got so busy that I wound up buying last minute gifts at the store when I could have made dozens of other more manful gifts by hand. Well not this year! This year I am determined to combat these mixed feeling about gift-giving during the holidays by starting early. Yes, I know it is...

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How to Make Your Dad Laugh Out Loud on Father’s Day

Father's day is right around the corner and you may be wondering what on earth you can get yours to show him how much he means to you. We believe the best way to say "THANK YOU" is with a good ole' belly laugh. Being a father is hard work and very stressful for most dads so we have three suggested items that are sure to help them relieve stress and feel appreciated.   #3. The "World's Greatest Farter" graphic tee is an excellent choice. Let's face it, every dad farts and most dad's would probably laugh when they see this gift. Some may even wear it proudly. But it is our third pick because it's better to say THANK YOU by...

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Our Top Wedding Related Gifts

We are in the business of helping you give fun and meaningful gifts. Get inspired with these fun and meaningful gift ideas. Here are a few of the most popular personalized wedding gift items from our shop by gift giving occasion: Before the Wedding [huge_it_gallery id="2"] [huge_it_gallery id="4"] [huge_it_gallery id="13"] During/After the Wedding [huge_it_gallery id="11"] [huge_it_gallery id="7"]   [etsy-shop shop_name="*scripturegifts*" section_id=“*18978072*”]

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