DIY Gifts You Can Make Ahead of Time

I don’t know about you but I have a love and hate relationship with the holiday season. I love to give gifts; it is what I live for most days but I kind of resent doing it during the holidays. I just don’t like how busy this season gets with parties and last days of school and other events that turn into pressure adding deadlines. Last year I got so busy that I wound up buying last minute gifts at the store when I could have made dozens of other more manful gifts by hand. Well not this year! This year I am determined to combat these mixed feeling about gift-giving during the holidays by starting early.

Yes, I know it is only October and Thanksgiving is still upon us but I am going start planning and making my gifts today! I have a list of DIY gifts that you can also start making today to avoid buying meaningless store bought gifts at the last minute. Feel free to use this list to make your own gifts or order them from my shop. I am always happy to make extra.

1. Personalized Hand Sanitizer


I have four children so I will be making personalized hand sanitizer bottles with each of their names. I recommend using a good store bough sanitizer and some clear labels that can handle a little moisture for this project. If you like you can make your own sanitizer. If you google DIY sanitizer you can find a ton of great recipes. This is a great gift to make ahead of time because it keeps!

2. Chill Pill Labels


It takes time come up with personalized silliness so I start jotting down copy points for chill pill labels that I can make for friends. I use Craft paper but you can use any label paper available or order a custom design from my shop of course.


3. Monogrammed Gifts


October is an excellent month to start making monogrammed items. You can shop for blank items in bulk and then monogram them by hand or use a machine. A great place to shop online is  Monogrammed gifts are excellent for co-workers, babies, someone who just moved into a new home o anyone really.


3. Personalized Lip Balm


Make your friends and co-workets get a chuckle when they use lip balm with a personalized label. Put there name on it and voila you are done. You can get these made in one afternoon and set them aside for a holiday gift exchange or party.

Don’t forget to check out our shop for more gift ideas!

Buy handmade gift from our scripturegifts shop on etsy

Buy handmade gift from our scripturegifts shop on etsy