How to Dress up a Chill Pill Apothecary Jar

Jar projects are very popular these days. If you google mason jar projects you will come up with enough projects to keep you entertained for a really long time. But not every mason jar or glass jar project makes a meaningful gift. The average jar project will get a “wow” or “cute” reaction from the recipients, depending on the context.

We came up with one that is designed to dress up wedding advice and humor all at once. We designed a Chill Pill Jar with a Wedding theme that serves multiple purposes and will make your jar gift more likely to be considered a meaningful gift.

Step 1

Select a jar with a ribbed neck. Mason jars are okay but we like to use apothecary or status jars for an added touch of class.


Step 2

Add a label with a meaningful poem or note. We chose to use one of our proprietary Chill Pill labels for this project with a note about marriage. But other themes like the example below would also work. You could use a friend themed note and put angel wings on the jar to let your friend know you think they are an angel. You could also put a parent themed label and put a tie on the jar or a mini soccer jersey for a dad. That would make a great father’s day present. Add a cap and gown for graduation or a cape made out of fabric with numbers on it for your math teacher. There are so many possibilities!  Think about the recipient and the message on the jar and you can come up with something amazing and meaningful.



Step 3

Once you have decided how you will dress the jar think about the materials and quantities you will need to dress the jar. At minimum you will need something long that wraps around the neck of the jar. We like to use twine, ribbon, elastic or fish line (great to secure things discretely). Cut a piece that as at least long enough to fit around the jar. If you are using ribbon you may wish to leave extra for added effect like we did in this veiled jar project. In this example, the ribbon serves as our anchor for the accessories but it also blends as part of the decoration.




Need help coming up with an amazing idea for your jar gift projects? Visit us on our etsy shop and message us and we would be happy to help you brainstorm. We love helping others give meaningful gifts and can come up with something unique, meaningful and creative for you. https://www.etsy/shop/scripturegifts

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