DYI Video Tutorial: How to Make a Pillow Bed that Can Take a Beating


Pillow beds make excellent gifts for children and babies. I made my boys these pillow beds as incentives for them to enjoy quiet time and naps. I decided to make an extra one for some friends that are having a baby. I will probably get it embroidered with the baby’s name but in the meantime, I made a video tutorial to show the way I like to make these pillow beds.


My youngest loves napping on his pillow bed with a plush toy

My kids beat everything up so I had to modify the construction process to make them stronger than the average pillow bed out there. I used a serger and a sewing machine to make my seams extra tough. I also used extra fabric on the back side to keep the pillows nice and secure even through a pillow fight. I skipped the use of buttons, velcro and other extras because my kids would rip those off anyway. They can also be a chocking hazard for babies.

I like to make mine with coz breathable fabric. You can use any fabric you like and ever repurpose bed-sheets, t-shirts and other large pieces of fabric for this project. I used soft plush fabric for mine because my boys love stuffed animals and furry blankets. I took them fabric shopping with me to select the fabric and they gravitated toward the faux-fur section. I found the micro fleece fabric, Soft N Comfy and regular Fleece and Flannels were a nice compromise to the faux-furs because they are soft but a lot less pricey.

Please let me know if you find this tutorial helpful by commenting below and of course you are welcome to purchase a pillow bed from my shop on etsy if you would rather have me make it for you. I would love to help you make a pillow bed as a meaningful gift for your loved ones too!

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