How to Make Your Dad Laugh Out Loud on Father’s Day

Father’s day is right around the corner and you may be wondering what on earth you can get yours to show him how much he means to you. We believe the best way to say “THANK YOU” is with a good ole’ belly laugh. Being a father is hard work and very stressful for most dads so we have three suggested items that are sure to help them relieve stress and feel appreciated.


#3. The “World’s Greatest Farter” graphic tee is an excellent choice. Let’s face it, every dad farts and most dad’s would probably laugh when they see this gift. Some may even wear it proudly. But it is our third pick because it’s better to say THANK YOU by inviting them to laugh at your expense, not their own. This gift is ideal though if you are like the perfect child and your dad just happens to be very gassy. Oh…and he must like to wear t-shirts. If he is a suit and tie, or polo kind of guy you may want to check out the rest of the list.


#2. The “Teenage Daughter Survivor” mug. If you are your father’s daughter and know you were or are a handful as a teenager, let your father know you appreciate him with this mug. He will get a laugh every time he takes a sip of the coffee that he’s probably addicted to because of you and your shenanigans. If you gave him an attitude, maxed out his credit card, stayed out too late, brought scary boys home or lied all of the time, this gift is perfect for your father.


#1. The “Chill Pill Gag Gift” for Parents is our top choice because it is funny, relevant, and an appropriate gift for any gender child at any age. Let your father know that you know, that he knows, you are a pain in the rear. He can laugh every time he takes a placebo pill that consists of his favorite candy. He may even take it at the same time as real medications that he has to take because of you. Who knows. Either way we know he will laugh at this not just once, but twice and maybe even daily. This gift is ideal if you are a daughter, son, teen, adult, intact-whatever.

Here’s what is says:

“Take a chill pill immediately after your child behaves in a way that is annoying, inconsiderate, obnoxious or unpleasant in any way. In case of emergency and/or immediately after having to discipline your child for behaving just like you, break glass and consume the entire bottle.

Warning: Once you take a chill pill do not go near your child for a minimum cooling period of at least five minutes. If symptoms persist after you’ve put yourself in time-out increase your dosage as needed.”

C’mon! You know that’s funny!


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