How to Dress up a Chill Pill Apothecary Jar

Jar projects are very popular these days. If you google mason jar projects you will come up with enough projects to keep you entertained for a really long time. But not every mason jar or glass jar project makes a meaningful gift. The average jar project will get a "wow" or "cute" reaction from the recipients, depending on the context. We came up with one that is designed to dress up wedding advice and humor all at once. We designed a Chill Pill Jar with a Wedding theme that serves multiple purposes and will make your jar gift more likely to be considered a meaningful gift. Step 1 Select a jar with a ribbed neck. Mason jars are okay but...

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Our Top Wedding Related Gifts

We are in the business of helping you give fun and meaningful gifts. Get inspired with these fun and meaningful gift ideas. Here are a few of the most popular personalized wedding gift items from our shop by gift giving occasion: Before the Wedding [huge_it_gallery id="2"] [huge_it_gallery id="4"] [huge_it_gallery id="13"] During/After the Wedding [huge_it_gallery id="11"] [huge_it_gallery id="7"]   [etsy-shop shop_name="*scripturegifts*" section_id=“*18978072*”]

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