Take a Peek Inside Our Workshop at Scripturegifts on Etsy

If you are a fan of our popular Chill Pills or if you are looking for a meaningful, memorable gift, get to know our shop and founder. We hope you will be inspired to make the next gift you give count. Let us help you create something personal and memorable. Learn more about our shop on etsy and take a video tour of our workshop and our creative process. For more videos and tutorials subscribe to our youtube channel: To shop our etsy store click here

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DYI Video Tutorial: How to Make a Pillow Bed that Can Take a Beating Pillow beds make excellent gifts for children and babies. I made my boys these pillow beds as incentives for them to enjoy quiet time and naps. I decided to make an extra one for some friends that are having a baby. I will probably get it embroidered with the baby's name but in the meantime, I made a video tutorial to show the way I like to make these pillow beds. [caption id="attachment_88" align="aligncenter" width="300"] My youngest loves napping on his pillow bed with a plush toy[/caption] My kids beat everything up so I had to modify the construction process to make them stronger than the average pillow bed out there. I used a serger and a sewing machine to make...

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Our Top Wedding Related Gifts

We are in the business of helping you give fun and meaningful gifts. Get inspired with these fun and meaningful gift ideas. Here are a few of the most popular personalized wedding gift items from our shop by gift giving occasion: Before the Wedding [huge_it_gallery id="2"] [huge_it_gallery id="4"] [huge_it_gallery id="13"] During/After the Wedding [huge_it_gallery id="11"] [huge_it_gallery id="7"]   [etsy-shop shop_name="*scripturegifts*" section_id=“*18978072*”]

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